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“We export to 33 countries in 4 continents”

Halil Yırtımcı, Yemmak: “Today, all of the large feed factories of Turkey have the signature of Yemmak. We export 70 percent of our current production. The largest feed factories of the Middle East and Russia had been established by Yemmak. We are proud to serve in our 50 thousand m2 factory with an experience of more than 50 years. I believe that our success is the result of thinking about the future since the very first day of our establishment, and presenting the innovative technologies of the day to our customers.”


Yemmak Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, which is the first in the private institution in the manufacturing of feed machines in Turkey, has been operating in the industry since 1965. As Feed Planet Magazine, we interviewed Yemmak Board Member Halil Yırtımcı. Yırtımcı says that Yemmak, which has accomplished many firsts in the feed industry with its experienced staff of 250 people in their factory established on 50 thousand m2, manufactures all of the machine parts launched to the market that manufactured on its own premises, has established more than 100 turnkey feed factories in Turkey up to now, and they export to 33 countries in 4 continents.

With Halil Yırtımcı, we talked in details about the story of Yemmak, the technological solutions they produce, place of the company in the market, technical services, international structure, works related to Industry 4.0 and R&D investments and future goals.

Yemmak is a leading brand in the feed technology sector. Let’s talk a little bit about Yemmak’s story and how they achieved today’s success…
In 1965, our company was founded by Rıdvan Kavruk in order to supply the spare parts requirement of the existing feed factories in Turkey. In fact, our company has a very important place in terms of the sector. It is the first in the private institution in manufacturing of feed machineries in Turkey. Our founder Rıdvan Kavruk started with a small workshop in Eskişehir by producing spare parts and serving to the feed factories. In the 1960’s, feed factories were predominantly monopolized by the state. Rıdvan Kavruk met Banvit,Turkey’s first modern feed factory to be established in Bandırma with the opening of the private sector. The main story starts here. After going abroad with Banvit and studying the technologies, they returned to Turkey. When they returned, Mr. Kavruk settled in Bandirma and rented a small plant to establish the factory. In 1970, the foundations of the factory were laid.

The first pellet press manufactured in Turkey, the first hammer mill was produced in this factory. Despite the limited opportunities like poor production technologies, the project was successfully delivered. Even then, most of the staff of the feed factory consisted of engineers. Our vision valuing engineering and technical infrastructure comes from those times. After the successful Banvit project, the sales graph of our company was accelerated in parallel with the demand increase in the market. The external dependency of the sector in the machines was ended. In the 1980s, after moving to the new facility of 20 thousand m2 in Bandırma, the production capacity was increased and we became the leading manufacturer of the sector.

Today, all of the big feed factories of Turkey has the signature of Yemmak. In 2000, we made our first export to Greece. Now we export 70 percent of our current production. Our market share in the international market grows day by day. The biggest feed factories of the Middle East and Russia had been established by Yemmak. We are proud to serve in our 50 thousand m2 factory with an experience of more than 50 years. I believe that our success is the result of thinking about the future since the very first day of our establishment, and presenting the innovative technologies of the day to our customers.

Could you talk a little bit about the technological solutions that Yemmak manufactures individually? We know that you offer turnkey solutions to your customers, but what are the technologies that are produced under the roof of Yemmak?
First of all, I must say that almost all of our machine parts are manufactured in our own facility. We have minimized our external dependence. We arranged our technological investments accordingly.

We have a wide portfolio of process solutions. We have many technological solutions in many areas such as turnkey poultry, ruminant, fish, shrimp, cat-dog feed facilities, rendering units, premix facilities, full-fat soybean production plants, flake feed facilities, special machines for the chemical sector, wood pelleting facilities (biomass).

Particularly, we have come a significant way in extrusion technology. We are the first manufacturer of Extruder machine designed for full-fat soybean in Turkey, and we also became the first manufacturer of Extruder machine used in fish feed production in Turkey with Tubitak grand. We achieved to produce the entire process of cat-dog and fish feeds production including extruder and dryer.

Additionally; we carry out our project consulting and engineering services, management of the whole project process; optimum land and building settlement with quality, economical and user-friendly process machinery and systems.

With our automation department, we provide full automation of the operations in all feed factories, chemical and animal waste processing plants and biomass production areas. We can carry out the whole process from the design and the production of the MCC panels to the installation of SCADA systems, PLC programming, cabling and pan installations.

With our modernization studies, we modernize the facilities of the existing enterprises as well as the new facilities and factories to meet the needs of the day.

The main product groups we manufacture are the Raw Material intake and cleaning units; storage solutions for solid and liquid raw materials, grinders, mixing systems, blending units, pelleting technologies, weighing and bagging machines, conveying equipment, grain storage systems, rendering equipment, electrical power and control panels and automation systems.

Where does Yemmak stand in the feed mill industry? How many countries have you been in since your establishment and how many turnkey feed factories have you established?
We are the leading company in the sector, today, we are the biggest manufacturer in Turkey. We have established over 100 turnkey feed factories in Turkey. Today, we export to 33 countries in 4 continents. We export 70 percent of our production to the regions including Canada, Germany, Panama, Sweden, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel and other Middle Eastern countries; African countries, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and other Central Asian Turkic Republics, Russia and Ukraine.

What can you say about your abroad organizations? Where are your representative offices, partnerships or offices abroad? How do you provide services such as technical support and training for your foreign customers?
We work through our representatives abroad. We continue to build on our close and long-term relationships with our representatives. Our representatives serve our customers together with the regional officers of our export team. We have representatives in many countries such as Egypt, Iran, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, South Africa, Pakistan, and Vietnam. For our marketing activities in Europe, we become partners with the world’s leading Pellet Disc producer, Graff, and opened our office in Germany in 2016. In the near future, we want to open our own offices in many countries that we are strong in so that we can provide better services to the region, and increase customer satisfaction with a better adaptation to the culture of the region. Our works in this matter are in progress.

We are at the beginning of Industry 4.0, a new industrial revolution, due to the rapidly developing technological possibilities. We know that Yemmak is carrying out serious works regarding Industry 4.0. What can you tell us about this? What are the advantages you will gain with industry 4.0?
Even though it sounds new to us, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is actually a term used in 2011 at the Hanover Fair in Germany. We can define it as the strategic and technological developments taken in order to continue and maintain the competitive advantages in the increasingly competitive conditions. It’s goal is to create low-cost, energy efficient, low-heat-consuming systems and to immediately control and optimize these systems by adapting them to the devices called device-based internet. It is, in a certain sense, creating “Smart factories”.

As Yemmak, we have done serious works on smart factories. Our automation department is the business partner of Mitsubishi Electric’s factory in automation. With Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation products and services, we are developing Digital Factory Infrastructure solutions compatible with Industry 4.0. We have made Turkey’s largest factories manageable by 2-3 people.

The process from the factory entrance to the quality control of the raw materials, from the packaging to loading to the service vehicles, can be controlled and intervened from a single screen. We can report the data stream as fast as possible and bring them to the user. We can instantly detect problems or bottlenecks in the production and solve immediately. Thanks to the mobile application we have developed, no matter you are at home or wherever in the world, you can access or even control the whole data stream of your factory.

Could you tell us what you are focusing on in your R & D operations?
We greatly value R&D operations. One of the most important focuses is in the evaluation of renewable energy sources (biomass). Because today, high energy costs and global warming are worldwide problems. Our company is currently working on trying to make alternative energy fuels from many wastes such as forest waste, wood dust and sawdust, and production waste massive. The resulting product is burnt in industrial pellet boilers and turned into an alternative energy source suitable both for the environment and for the Kyoto protocol. At the same time, it also contributes to the economy. We believe that these systems, which are widely used in the world, will start to increase in Turkey in a short time.

Are you talking about the innovations that you have recently developed and the gains that these innovations have brought to the industry? What are the new technologies you want to bring to the feed producers in the upcoming period?
As a new service, we are developing a mobile application called Yemmak IQ to facilitate the adaptation of our customers to Industry 4.0 as I mentioned earlier. In summary, with our Yemmak IQ mobile application, customers will be able to instantly monitor the flow of factories they have purchased and follow the production reports, hourly production capacities, energy consumption instantly, and even intervene if desired. In the midterm, any report will be transmitted as information to the mobile phone at the desired time. So, the factories will be living. Our application for Android has been published. The application for Windows and Apple are still in the process of development. These applications and developments we have made allow us to create smart factory status by avoiding human errors in factories.

With the technologically developed Automated Rule Regulated Pellet Press we launched in 2016, we have reduced our energy costs and minimized production downtimes. Therefore, the user will be able to save time and reduce operating expenses. It will also save time by reducing the duration of disk changes.

Another machine we launched was our Extruder, one of the most important processing machines used in fish feeds.

What advantages and benefits will a manufacturer gain when they choose you to replace their technology or to establish a new factory? In short, what do you promise to the feed producers?
Above all, Yemmak is a company dedicated to serving this sector since the very first day of its establishment. We made all our investments in this area. Therefore, we are constantly working to make the work we do better. We are following the technology closely and trying to implement it. We minimized production mistakes by making investments to the automatically production of the machine parts.

We do not only sell machines to our customers. Since we continue to serve in time, we become a family in the long run. Therefore, customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. Our factory is operating 24 hours a day for the supply of the spare parts. We can keep special stocks for our customers whenever they want. Our company has a very flexible structure in this sense.

It is also very important to be able to manage the projects professionally as much as to produce machines in today’s competitive conditions. Our project office audits the site momentarily during the investment period and continuously informs the investor with the reports we prepare. Working together, we try to implement the project flawlessly.

We offer the technology at European standards with optimum costs. Low energy cost is one of the most important factors for us in this period that we understand the importance of energy more and more every day.

Our perfectionist approach to automation makes us different. In addition to the products and services we provide, using the new mobile application, the plant owners, managers will be able to monitor the entire flow of the factory, intervene, and analyze daily/monthly reports. Therefore, by using the time effectively, they will have an interactive atmosphere to increase productivity.

Could you talk about the targets and plans of Yemmak regarding the future? How do you see the future of world’s feed market and your future role in this market?
When we look briefly at the world feed market, for the first time in 2016, the feed production in the world has exceeded 1 billion tons. There was a 4 percent increase last year, and there is an expectation of 20 percent increase in terms of 5-year performance. Parallel to the ever-growing population, the need for feed industry to meet the nutritional needs is increasing day by day.

There is especially a rising trend in the cultural fishery in the world. The feed production growth rate is around 15 percent compared to the last year. Turkey is in the top rank in the list of fish feed producers. 90 percent of the fish feed factories in Turkey were established by Yemmak. We continue to work to increase our global market share.

As Yemmak, our geography and far-east are our priority markets. Today, the total feed production of America and China is one-third of the world’s total feed production. We also aim to increase our sales in these markets.

In the future, we will maintain our integrated structure as a producer who manages project solutions that will improve our growth from a single center. We will continue to offer the quality of world leaders at the optimum cost with the target of Turkey’s global brand in the sector. With the mission of converting the factories to produce marginal benefit; we will work with the aim of reshaping production by expanding our vision day by day with respectful, sustainable, innovative technologies.

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