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The new corn type for poultry feed sector

A new corn type is developed in the Cilician Plain. The product, named as Adasa16, is expected to be in high demand due to its high oil content.

A new type of corn is developed by the Eastern Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute and the Sakarya Corn Research Institute. Ibrahim Cerit, deputy director of the Eastern Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute, said that they have achieved significant progress in the seeds and plant improvement in the last 10 years. Indicating that 95 percent of the corn seeds were dominated by foreign types, Cerit said that this dominance would be broken with studies conducted domestically.
New seed types are being developed with the modern plant breeding laboratory in the institute established in Cilician Plain, one of the important agricultural centers of Turkey. Approximately 60 types have been developed and registered in the institute and 26 domestic seeds are marketed domestically and abroad, contributing 100 million TL to economy every year.

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