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The effect of feed raw materials on the sector

cemalettin kanas - The effect of feed raw materials on the sectorCemalettin Kanaş

Dear readers,

It is well known that feed is at the top among the expense items of livestock farms with a share of 70%. Recently, the prices of feed have been triggered by foreign exchange rates and increased rapidly which worries the producers. As 60-70 percent of the ingredients used in compound feed production is imported, the reduction of feed costs concerns not only the producers but also the end consumers, and therefore the whole country.

On the other hand, efficiency, which is the sine qua non of the competitive market, requires cutting costs without compromising quality. For the farm owner, this means producing quality meat on the cheap. For this purpose, the producers should neither cause quality and health problems with insufficient nutrition during, nor should they increase costs with excessive nutrition. With the help of technology, moving forward with the optimum solutions can be provided in a much more practical way.

The special file of this issue is about ration preparation, which is one of the main problems of the producer. The article, written by Yavuz İlik, CEO of İliksoft, describes how the feed formulation software optimizes and facilitates the work of producers in preparing rations.

In this issue, I would also like to present the first article of Bühler’s feed safety series prepared for Feed Planet readers. We have prepared an issue that you can enjoy with the reflections of IDMA Exhibition, outstanding news from the sector and special interviews.

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