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Tersan sends fish-feed ship to Norwegian company

Tersan, one of Turkey’s leading shipbuilding shipyards, has delivered the fish-feed ship equipped with cutting-edge technology to Norwegian’s famous shipping company, Nordnorsk Shipping.

tersanYalova-based Tersan Tersanecilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has completed the delivery of the LNG-fueled fish-feed ship, M / S NYKSUND, to Norwegian reputable shipping company Nordnorsk Shipping. The 81.5-meter long and 16-meter wide eco-friendly fish-feed ship can carry 2,700 tons of fish-feed and 500 tons of deck cargos. The high standard cabins and living spaces can harbor a crew of 7 people. The propulsion is powered by an LNG-fueled engine with 2 thousand 160 kW of power provided by Rolls-Royce. The ship with high maneuverability is able to serve at fish farms without the need for mooring ropes thanks to its powerful propellers and dynamic positioning system.

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