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The rapid population increase in the world and Turkey and the change in consumption habits that give more weight on animal proteins make cattle feed production more and more important. Besides, consumers’ low price demands and competition between firms make it obligatory to keep up with the latest technologies. Industrial …

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Status of Feed Production in the World and Turkey


“Following the first feed production facility established in the United States of America in 1875 with the aim of producing calf feed, the concept of computer-aided feed production facility was introduced in 1975 in the most general sense in the world. This process which developed with 3rd Industrial Revolution has …

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Advances in Ruminant Feed Additive Market


“Deciding to use right feed additive in ruminant feeding became crucial because profit margins are narrow and environmental pollution is aggressively increasing in today’s world. Using prompt feed additive at the right time will reduce the workload of technical staff about herd health and enhance total profitability.” Sion RICHARDS / …

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Long-fibre feed


“The “long fibre” structure determines the feed intake, faecal consistency and metabolic parameters of the acid-base balance. For example, short-chopped maize silage has a significant negative impact on the health of dairy cows compared to longer maize silage.” İ.V. FRITZ A. KAHL – AMANDUS KAHL GmbH & Co. KG, Marketing Manager The …

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“We can formulate the feed as requested”


“As a company, we own the first organic feed production facility license. Since we are producers, we have the opportunity to work with all kinds of formulas and raw materials. This provides us to generate the formula of the product as requested depending on the raw material density in the …

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Past, present and future of the feed industry-1


Changes in agricultural production practices began in the 18th century culminated in better approaches to overall animal feeding at around the turn of the 19th century. As a result, a constantly evolving feed industry was born.  Nobody knows when deliberate animal feeding systems developed, as it happened before the advent …

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Fundamentals of Feed Safety


Feed safety is one of the fundamental links of food supply chain. There is irrefutable evidence and case studies that indicate the presence of feed safety hazards in feed ingredients, animal feed and pet food directly impacts human food safety and human health. Thus, feed security is crucial for animal …

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