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Palestinian Feed Industry and the Needs of the Industry

nasr_atyaniNasr ATYANI
General Manager 
Palestinian Food Industries Union 

Poultry and ruminant husbandry sectors are two important areas that have a direct effect on the Palestinian food industry. Today, in our country there are 15 feed factories that produce various feeds for these industries. Therefore, poultry and milk sectors are completely dependent on Palestinian feed industry for the production of meat and dairy products from poultry, sheep, and goat.

These feed factories in Palestine employ many workers and technical staff who follow daily activities. However, high rivalry originated from Israeli feed makes it difficult for the Palestinian feed producers to increase their market share.

The distribution of feed factories in the different districts of Palestine facilitates breaking into the market and reduces transportation cost. However, it is seen a problem by the business owners that the raw material needed to complete this industry originates from Israel. The integration between different sectors of food and feed industries reflects the importance of developing this business.

There is still a lot to do to bolster the feed factory businesses in Palestine. It has become a necessity to give technical support to both feed factories and farmers. The aim of these supports is to increase the high-quality feed production capabilities of the feed factories at a level to affect the meat and milk production. And farmers need to be guided to appropriate animal breeding methods depending on the type of the production and physiologic living conditions of the animal. This support will help the farmers decrease feed losses and costs.

Besides all these; more and more investment is needed in order to practice the PSI standards for feed production, labeling, general security issues of the staff and reaching the high quality of the competitive age.

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