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Ovine Feed Production, Production Technologies and Feed Additives

Ovine breeding should be taken as a whole with farmers, feed producers and feed technologies companies. In this context, all the planning about the problems of the sector and ways of improvement can be done only through considering the strong and weak points of these three groups.

feed12coverThe development of the middle class and the increase in the level of health awareness as well as the change in the consumption habits and increase in the world population are interpreted as the preview of the rise in the demand to animal protein by the business world. For example, it is seen impossible to meet the demand 30 years later provided the production capacity remains the same. This deduction interest the farmer, feed producer and the feed technologies companies evenly. The knowledge we obtain through the statistics and the increase in the efficiency thanks to the development of the technology are mobilized to meet the excess demand.

The statistics about the ovine shows that there are over 44 million sheep and goats in Turkey. The experts are on the same page about the fact that this figure can be increased considering the production capacity and the excess demand to red meat. For this, feed sector is willing to do its part.

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