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New regulations for Turkish animal feed taxes are in force

Tariff rates for animal feed are re-determined through a cabinet decree. Accordingly, tariff rates for some feed are decreased to zero.


The Cabinet of Ministers’ “Additional Decision to Import Regime Decision” is published on the Official Gazette and entered into force. Accordingly, tariff rate for products including oilseeds, medicinal plants, fodder and roughage will be applied as zero when they will be imported from Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, S. Korea and Malaysia; and as 10 percent when from the EU and EFTA countries, D8 members and others.
Tariff rate for roughage and bran types were also decreased to zero for all. Tariffs for by-products of food industry such as seeds and meals of cotton, flax, sunflower, and rape will be applied as 6,5 percent if used as animal feed. Import tax for these will be zero for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Import taxes were being applied as 7.3, 11.5 and 13.5 for different groups of countries. Tariff rate for fish flour is also decreased to zero for all groups of countries.

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