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Koçlar Feed Factory opened

Koçlar Feed Factory which is one of the factories with the highest capacity of Konya was opened in Ilgın with a ceremony.

Having been established in Konya, Ilgın within Koçlar Group having 50 year of experience in agriculture, animal husbandry and commerce, Koçlar Feed Factory was put into service with a ceremony. Harun Koç, the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Koçlar Feed Factory speaking at the opening ceremony where there was a broad participation stated that they will continue to invest in Ilgın. Emphasizing that they have a 50 year of commercial background as Koçlar Group, Mr. Koç said “Today is an important opening day when our 50-year commercial life is crowned with production. As Koçlar Group, we are in agriculture, animal husbandry and commerce. We are also in industry with our feed factory”.

Stating that the facility in which 15 different animal feeds are produced has a 30 tonnes of capacity per hour, Mr. Koç emphasized that they will continue to invest in Ilgın and added: “We were born in these territories, were kids of these area and later were the adolescents of these lands. We lived our most beautiful moments on the streets of these territories. So, the investments or this kind are a duty of loyalty for us, too. When we decided to establish this facility, some tried to deter us. Some said that this was impossible. However, we think that pacta sunt servanda is the first and foremost and hit the road by relying on our Ilgın and surroundings. We hope to continue our journey with new investments”.

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