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Rapidly developing feed industry has grown as a result of the innovations and result-oriented practical applications by technology producers. The journey that feed production has made up can be counted as the story of development, improvement, change and innovative thinking. By this means, nearly 1 billion tons of feed produced by 32.341 feed mills is used successfully in animal production.


In feed milling industry which is improving all the time, increasing demands of livestock raisers and competition in feed market reflect in the producers and this shapes the expectations of them. Today, expectation of a feed producer from technology is quite different from those in 5 or 10 years ago. Issues like having more efficient machinery, more accurate results in quality control, maximizing the maintenance and repair services both for time and for practicality can be considered the basic requirements of feed producers. In other words, it will be advantageous for technology manufacturers to see these requirements as a route guide.

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