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For a more sustainable future…

cemalettin kanas - For a more sustainable future...Cemalettin Kanaş

Dear readers,

The fact that we use the resources of the earth in a “generous” way continues to set off alarm bells in terms of sustainability. Aside from the fact that we are destroying the ecological balance, climate change and how to meet the nutritional needs of the rapidly growing population in the medium and long term need to be considered and evaluated by many actors ranging from international organizations to governments, to the private sector, particularly global companies.
In this context, the Bühler Networking Days held in Uzwil, Switzerland, brought together 800 industry representatives, scientists and experts from more than 80 countries for a more sustainable future. In the meeting represented by 500 companies meeting the food needs of 4 billion people in total, sustainable production systems for feeding the growing world population were discussed. In the three-day event, the estimations that the world’s population will increase to 9.8 billion by 2050, and 70 percent of this population will live in urban areas were highlighted and the fact that we had only 10 years to prevent irreversible damage to climate change was expressed.
Although the importance of digitalization, the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and technology in the solution of the challenges we faced were emphasized in the program, it was also expressed that these were not sufficient for an entire solution and the significance of value chains was pointed out. With the idea that this would overburden any company, the importance of inclusive cooperation of the private sector was emphasized in the solution of global problems.
The concept of safety, which is also strictly related to food safety, is one of the main topics of our magazine. In this context, it is also the subject of our current issue’s special cover.
On top of the special cover, we have prepared a lively Feed Planet issue for you readers with news, articles, files and interviews.

See you in the next issue…

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