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Feed Raw Materials And Raw Material Supply

The first response to the consumer’s complaints about the meat prices are about the high production costs. The main cost in husbandry is feed with a roughly 70 percent rate. In this context, the production and supply of the feed raw materials are very critical. 

feedrawmaterialThe measures taken for replacing domestic production with exported raw materials which cause the costs to rise mostly remain on the agenda. However, reducing foreign dependency and maintaining a high quality should be treated evenly.

İbrahim Ertekin, Vice Chairman and Partner of Birlik Tarım Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş., who has made a contribution to our special story, points out that the development of the feed industry in pleasing, yet he emphasizes that this growth should be managed well. Saying that the foreign dependency has to be reduced, Ertekin stresses the importance of long-term planning.

Hasan Kara, coordinator at Yay-Tar Tarım Ürünleri, Hayvancılık Yem, Hammadde İthalat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti., says that contracted production should be encouraged between the feed sector and the producers for raw material production. Kara underlines that, by this means producer will tend towards feed plants and foreign dependency can be decreased.

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