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Feed Additives, Premixes and Vitamins

The feed additives market has always been changing aligned with feed industry requirements. Sometimes, the availability changes the dynamics, while sometime limited resources and economic scenario force the trend change. However, the factors are changing now, and it is consumer awareness or lack of awareness along with government regulations is the ones which are propelling change in the feed additives market. In order to understand the changing dynamics, we should understand the current scenario first.

We can easily say that the factors which have been shaping the development of animal husbandry and feedstock industries have been different in different eras. The industrialization of feedstock and feed additives, which started with focus on cost benefits via economies of scale, moved to adding value to farmers via additional volume from specific feed additives. Now the industry is changing again and this time, increasing customer awareness and regulatory factors are shaping the industry trend to ensure the nutritional value transition to end-consumer i.e. human beings. In wholistic terms, we can say the animal husbandry and feed additive industries have moved from increasing affordable availability for everyone to offering healthy and nutritional benefits for better life. The impact of these changes is yet to be seen but the least that we can fathom is that that the steps are being steered in the right direction.

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