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EFCO to build a large processing plant in Altai region

Russian agro-industrial giant EFCO is planning to build a large-scale processing plant in Altai region. The region is logistically advantageous.


A large oilseed crushing plant will be built in Altai region, in southern Russia. The agro-industrial company EFCO, Russia’s top producer of special fats and margarine, is looking for a site in Altai region to build a modern plant, whose production would be exported to China, as well as to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It is projected to place the plant in close proximity to raw material sources. Hence; Klyuchevsky, Mikhaylovsky and Kulundinsky districts are suggested, as oilseeds are widely cultivated there. According to the representative of the company, Altai region was chosen for the project implementation due to availability and environmental friendliness of raw material sources there and because of its proximity to promising end markets.

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