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Dr Eckel’s feeding initiative: For animal welfare and profitability

In global livestock production, the current mega trend is a fundamental demand for animals which have been raised under welfare-friendly conditions. Politics, animal welfare organizations, the food retail trade and consumers are pushing for solutions which will improve livestock conditions and increase the well-being of animals. Here, the main focus often is on husbandry systems and management. Yet there are many other areas where optimization to improve animal welfare is possible: breeding, transport, medication and feeding in particular.
Most of these activities have one thing in common: they demand for investments and are thus often in stark contrast to profit motives. The demand for producing meat at low costs is still increasing everywhere around the globe. Therefore, all key players within the supply chain are looking for solutions which can unite welfare and profitability. Dr. Eckel has 25 years of experience in feed additives for animal welfare and the reduction of antibiotic use. Here, Dr. Eckel’s goal has always been to provide innovative and workable solutions for feed manufacturers and farmers which uniquely combine efficiency, sustainability and animal welfare. Indeed, feeding can achieve a lot. Needs-based feeding is one of the main prerequisites for animal-friendly husbandry and healthy animals. Feed additives in particular can have a positive impact on critical animal welfare indicators.
This is why Dr. Eckel started its animal welfare initiative. A feeding initiative that assists and supports feed producers and livestock owners in their striving to improve animal welfare. Dr. Eckel is one of the first companies ever to produce feed additives that have been specifically developed to improve animal welfare sustainably, reduce the use of medication and promote the implementation of various animal welfare measures. These feed additive innovations can, for instance, improve intestinal integrity, support respiratory function and foot pad health, but also help animals to fight inflammation. Feed additives make animals stronger, help increase their vitality and enhance their well-being. All of these effects work for the same goal: Animals present fewer stress-related symptoms, fewer inflammations, a better immune system and improvement in their well-being. Producers, breeders and farmers benefit from their animals’ stronger general condition and better performance. The result: increased efficiency and sustainability. Dr. Eckel demonstrates that animal welfare pays off for all. And it starts with the feed.

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