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Cheap feed lowers milk quality

Cansu Akar Çıkrıkcı, Product and Marketing Specialist of Lely Turkey, said that milk is produced more expensively in Turkey than it is in the US or Europe.


Making evaluations on milk yield in Turkey, Cansu Akar Çıkrıkcı, Product and Marketing Specialist of Lely Turkey, said if milk production continues in its current form it would be insufficient for the country in the forthcoming years. “The need for modern dairy farms for quality milk with efficient, sustainable production is increasing every day,” she said.
Stating that cheap feed is not suitable for quality production, she says, “Cheap feed used by producers to meet the low price demands is a problem. High-quality feed is needed for quality milk, and it is not cheap. Milk producers cannot make money in the current situation. We cannot export milk due to low efficiency and quality with respect to countries with modernized production. In addition, in terms of the use of automation in milking, we are twenty years behind Europe.
In Europe and the US a smaller number of staff is employed and a lower amount of compound feed is used at similar-sized dairy farms when compared to the ones in Turkey,” she said.

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