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What determines the nutritional value of animal products is feed


“Ulaş Semerci, the General Manager of Abalıoğlu Agricultural Production Inc. – the leading feed producer in Turkey – said that his company is ranked 53rd among Turkey’s largest 500 companies announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry with a turnover of 2.3 billion Turkish Liras adding that the company’s target is …

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“Iran has to import more than 80 percent of the feed materials”


“We have to import more than 80 percent of the feed materials in order to produce compound feed. Another problem is the rules and regulations imposed by the government. A lot of rules, regulations and lots of bureaucracy make production difficult. We are holding meetings with politicians and official authorities …

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“Inspection is not an extra cost”


“If we detect a visual problem during the loading we urgently inform our customer at any hour of the day and step in. In this way, our customer knows that his products arrived as it is expected without going to the port. For this reason, we underline that inspection is …

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“Secret of Success: High-quality raw materials and trained staff”


“We want to drive smart and organic growth that does not limit our independence and flexibility. With trusting, strong global partnerships that serve our product portfolio and help to pave the way for global growth, innovation and competitiveness. We are pleased to offer our customers a competent local contact person …

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Export champion on aquaculture eyes on world leadership


Orhan Kılıç, CEO of Kılıç Holding: “Today, our journey in the aquaculture sector, starting from Bodrum, has approached $ 200 million with exports to more than 60 countries across 5 continents. This performance has made us the export champion at the Aquaculture and Animal Products Sector for 8 consecutive years.” …

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“We can formulate the feed as requested”


“As a company, we own the first organic feed production facility license. Since we are producers, we have the opportunity to work with all kinds of formulas and raw materials. This provides us to generate the formula of the product as requested depending on the raw material density in the …

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