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feed storage 310x205 - FEED STORAGE

Good storage is essential because the value of the feed presented to animals depends on it. Feed spoils during storage -whether it deteriorates quickly or slowly- is partly due to its quality when it is received but very largely on how it is stored. All types of ingredient, as well …

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Storing feed in fibreglass silos

Mario Ardenghi1 310x205 - Storing feed in fibreglass silos

We can state that fibreglass silos are the ideal solution for feed storage in humid and salt-saturated atmospheric conditions, such as on islands, peninsulas and in coastal areas, and wherever temperature fluctuations between day and night, summer and winter are particularly relevant. Mario Ardenghi Export ManagerAGRITECH SRL Agritech srl, a …

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Healthy Feed Silos

Selman sarikaya1 310x205 - Healthy Feed Silos

If we list the advantages of using feed silos; in this method, service is provided directly from the feed producer instead of the feed seller. Silos are filled in a very short time. Therefore, long-term porterage work is not required during feed shipment. It provides different usage areas by discharging …

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Long-fibre feed

Fritz A kahl 310x205 - Long-fibre feed

The “long fibre” structure determines the feed intake, faecal consistency and metabolic parameters of the acid-base balance. For example, short-chopped maize silage has a significant negative impact on the health of dairy cows compared to longer maize silage. İ.V. FRITZ A. KAHLMarketing ManagerAMANDUS KAHL GmbH & Co. KG The feed …

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Advances in Ruminant Feed Additive Market

DSM Sion yavuz 310x205 - Advances in Ruminant Feed Additive Market

Deciding to use right feed additive in ruminant feeding became crucial because profit margins are narrow and environmental pollution is aggresively increasing in today’s world. Using prompt feed additive at the right time will reduce the work load of technical staff about herd health. INTRODUCTION Milk and meat yield efficiency …

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Productivity is considered one of the most important concepts of the market economy. Therefore, production is programmed to continue uninterruptedly in feed plants. This depends on the full capacity and smooth operation of the machines. Therefore, the way of minimizing the potential disruptions in production is to address the issue …

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Importance of Maintenance in Feed Factories and Maintenance Types

mahmut tatlidil yemmak2 310x205 - Importance of Maintenance in Feed Factories and Maintenance Types

No equipment has an endless operating life. It should not be forgotten that there is no broken equipment; there is poorly maintained equipment. The economic life of each piece of equipment with periodic maintenance and replacement is easily extended for many years.Mahmut TatlıdilBusiness Development Assistant DirectorYemmak Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret …

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