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Productivity is considered one of the most important concepts of the market economy. Therefore, production is programmed to continue uninterruptedly in feed plants. This depends on the full capacity and smooth operation of the machines. Therefore, the way of minimizing the potential disruptions in production is to address the issue …

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Importance of Maintenance in Feed Factories and Maintenance Types

No equipment has an endless operating life. It should not be forgotten that there is no broken equipment; there is poorly maintained equipment. The economic life of each piece of equipment with periodic maintenance and replacement is easily extended for many years. Mahmut Tatlıdil Business Development Assistant Director Yemmak Makina …

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Increasing demand for animal food and also productivity and profitability, as the unchanging agendas of producers, significantly increase the importance of research and development in feed production, as in other sectors. The global feed industry is characterized by the increasing demand for meat, dairy, and other livestock-based products, which, in …

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R&D and Innovation in Feed and Feed Manufacturing Technology

The global feed industry is characterized by the increasing demand for meat, dairy, and other livestock-based products, which, in turn, influences growth and innovations in the global feed industry. Suraj Nagvenkar Team Lead- Food, Beverage, Animal Feed & Agriculture suraj.nagvenkar@marketsandmarkets.com MarketsandMarkets Research Pvt. Ltd. Nagesh Manepalli Head- Food, Beverage, Animal …

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The Role of Digitalization and Automation in the Feed Sector and Feed 4.0

Ideally, an expert would be standing by the machine all the time, checking and continuously adjusting the moisture, protein and fat levels. But this is not realistic. Tougher market conditions have forced many factories to downsize their operating staff, with less time left to monitor and fine-tune processes. When animal …

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The challenges that today’s feed producers face

New digital services helping feed customers reduce waste, optimize production, improve profits, and cut energy consumption. Patrick Guster Product Manager Bühler AG Feed producers work to tight margins. Even minor percentage gains in the production process may have a significant impact on profitability. Maintaining process parameters at an optimum level …

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Role of Automation and Industry 4.0 Revolution in Feed Industry

Industry 4.0 is inevitable for both SMEs and large industrial enterprises and we should develop planning, organization, and cooperation as all stakeholders in order to achieve successful results. Dr. Hüseyin HALICI Chairman  ENOSAD I believe that it would be useful to look at the industrial situation of the feed sector …

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The global pet food market size was calculated around 76.5 billion American dollars in 2016 and is estimated to realize a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% over the forthcoming six years. Today, we are mostly “purchasing” the food we feed our pets. One may think that it has always …

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The Association of American Feed Control Officials

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is one of the three organizations that cooperate in the US to recognize pet food ingredients. AAFCO does not regulate anything and is recognized as a non-profit organization by the Washington government.   Susan M. Hays Executive Director The Association of American …

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