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Why feed heat treatment should be validated?

Contaminated feed represents one of the first introduction pathways for Salmonella and other Enterobacteriaceae into the food value chain. One potential measure to reduce this risk is targeted heat treatment of the feedstuff. But for the implementation of heat treatment as a validated “kill-step” systematic studies are still lacking. Dr. …

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Importance of Ration Studies for Animal Welfare and Profit

The technology and techniques used in all products and services that we use in every aspect of our lives are different today when compared to 30 years ago. So, we should make a positive change in our country’s livestock model or at least in terms of the technology and techniques …

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Feed Safety: A growing topic for feed industry

For much of the feed industry – where margins are often low – the question will be how to implement feed safety measures in an effective but also cost-effective way. Meeting ever-growing demand in a sustainable way, means that feed safety will be an increasingly vital topic. Dr. Edyta MARGAS …

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Reducing Salmonella Effect in Poultry

Probiotics are one class of alternatives being considered to fill the gap created with the removal of AGP. The efficacy of some of these additives has been clearly demonstrated, this efficacy is explain by the capacity of working in various modes of action such as: direct pathogen inhibition, Immunomodulation and …

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Pet Food Production, Production Technologies And Feed Additives

Miguel Lopez Pet food advisor-Evcil Hayvan Yemi Danışmanı www.mlopez.mx A wide variety of pet food options are available in the market; It is very easy to go to the supermarket, price clubs, distributors, and even the corner convenience stores to get food products that our dogs and cats will enjoy. …

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Optimizing trace mineral supply in broilers with glycine chelates

Jennifer Lindel  R&D Manager/ AR&GE Yöneticisi Biochem Zusatzstoffe GmbH Pietro Antonio Quaglia  Tech. Sales Manager/Tek. Satış Müdürü Biochem Zusatzstoffe GmbH Dr. Bastian Hildebrand  Technical Manager/ Teknik Müdür Biochem Zusatzstoffe GmbH Several environmental as well as animal-related factors are influencing the demand for trace minerals in the feeding of broiler chickens. …

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One of the most important problems in aquaculture sector is the reduction in feed costs and production of high-quality feed. The fact that fish meal production is limited and its price is high leads the fish feed producers to use alternative raw materials. Dr. Gökalp AYDIN Assocation of Feed Additives …

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