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Bühler brings feed sector together in İzmir

Bühler, leading feed technology brand, brought the Turkish feed sector together with the seminar it organized in Izmir. There were informative and introductive presentations about the feed production and technologies in the seminar.

Swiss feed technology giant Bühler, organized a significant event to support the feed production in Turkish. Bühler held a seminar in which topics such as global trends in the industry, new technologies and feed safety for the sector containing a powerful potential for growth. Numerous experts from different locations of Turkey attended the seminar which was performed by experts in their fields. Bühler’s local and global experts attended the seminar and professionals from the feed sector gather under the same roof on this opportunity.
Compound feed production in Turkey has sustained a consistent growth in recent years. Past 20 years, the compound feed production is growing by 8% on average annually. If this trend continues, Turkey will be among the top 10 and top three countries in Europe within 5 years. Following the newest technologies and feed safety are substantial highlights in this success. Switzerland-based Bühler, a leading company in the sector, organized an event evaluating especially feed and dry food safety within this framework. The seminar that took place at the İzmir service center of the company covered the global trends and new technologies as well.
In the program, animal nutrition expert Viktor Borner made an introductory presentation about Multi NIR Inline System which provides the accurate measurement of moisture, oil, and protein in feed. Borner stated in his work that the system designed for the industry reduces the cost, increases pellet quality and ensures full traceability.
Another presenter Bülent Özşahin, who has completed agricultural engineering education and is working as a sales manager, made an informative presentation about size reduction phases, particle distribution sieve analysis, and granulation. Advantages and disadvantages of Hammer mills and their areas of use were also talked about in the event.
Susanne Steghöfer, another official from Bühler, gave a speech about feed safety, a crucial point for the feed and food industry. Animal nutrition expert Steghöfer started her presentation with statistics of news about contaminated feed on a country basis and listed the top hurdle before the feed safety such as salmonella, mycotoxins, and bacteria and also explained the solutions.

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