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Biomin conducts first ever edition of mycotoxin academy in India

Biomin in association with MG Marketing, its supply chain partner for north India, organized the first ever edition of Biomin Mycotoxin Academy in India in two key locations in north India.27977ff0a9b34aef412eaec031e3265d554af0c4e9a0f1519932dd64f6235102

With over 300 customers and poultry players participating at both the editions of Biomin Mycotoxin Academy, the event marked a new beginning in creating awareness about the mycotoxin risk management in India.
On July 9, the first Biomin Mycotoxin Academy in India was held at Noormahal in Karnal, followed by another Academy at Park Plaza – Zirakpur in Chandigarh on July 11, with over 300 enthusiastic participants in both the events. Both the events were led by Eileen Han, Regional Product Manager – Mycotoxin Risk Management, Biomin Asia-Pacific. Beginning with the clear introductory session on what are mycotoxins, Eileen Han in her lucid presentation proceeded to explain about the risks and impacts of mycotoxins in poultry. “Any mycotoxins present in feed are delivered straight to the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of the birds, the organ most affected by mycotoxins. The GIT is the most important organ for converting feed into energy, and its ability to function properly is directly linked to poultry productivity,“ she explained and added that the GIT is the biggest immune organ in the body system.
Among the major mycotoxins, DON (deoxynivalenol), ZEN (zearalenone) and FUM (fumonisins) are often overlooked when considering their impact on poultry health and productivity since their clinical symptoms are not usually obvious or visible. However, there have been a number of scientific and commercial trials that prove these Fusarium mycotoxins are closely related to some important poultry diseases.

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