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24 companies of poultry sector expanding to Japan

24 Turkish companies have been authorized to export poultry to Japan, which imports $ 3 billion of poultry annually. The Far East move may compensate for possible losses in Iraq, the dominant market.

24 companies in the poultry sector have taken the relevant permission to export to Japan. Sector representatives will travel to Tokio and hold bilateral negotiations with Japanese importers for further steps. “The Turkish poultry sector which makes two thirds of its exports to the Iraqi market will be freed from the dominant market risk, with the opening of exports to Japan,” said Sinan Kızıltan, the chairman of the Aegean Aquatic Products and the Animal Products Exporters’ Union. “Known for its accurateness, Japan, with a population of 130 million inhabitants, will be a reference for other countries.” said Kızıltan. The Far East country, known for its intensive aquatic products consumption, imports $ 3 billion of poultry annually.

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